DeFi -> Real World Assets

Redefining DeFi!

While building on the token's Super-staking Pools' concept, QUINT aims to add unique real-world collectibles to its treasury, the future upside of which will be distributed amongst the Super-staking Pool stakers.

Morphing the Super-staking Pools concept further to have extended lock-in periods in lieu of profit-sharing from the future sale of the created asset, another one of QUINT's key future goals is to develop luxury physical real estate. This would make the QUINT investors fractional owners in the real-world asset in proportion of their investment in the Quint's DeFi ecosystem.

These will be first of their kind DeFi usages in the crypto world and would ensure that the TVL of the project has hard assets to boast of; not just borrowed tokens from a partner DeFi protocol!

It is pertinent to note that the investors who commissioned the Quint Ecosystem have decades of Real Estate Development and cross-industry business experience.

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