Super Staking Platform

Your gateway to the real-world luxury!

Staking Redefined

Super-staking Pools

At Quint, we like to do things differently! That's why apart from the regular staking options, we bring to you our super-staking pools that supercharge returns by offering tangible rewards in the real world..

The Super-staking Pools are divided into two main categories:

  • Luxury Raffle Pools

  • Quintessential Pools

In addition to the standard crypto reward, Super-staking in Luxury Raffle Pools will yield real world luxury prizes through Raffles that will be held at the end of staking duration for the pools.

On the other hand, the Quintessential Pools will give a guaranteed physical real-world incentive to the staker together with higher APRs/APYs than all other pools in QUINT's staking platform. The minimum lock-in period and the minimum investment amount for these pools will vary depending on the value of the fixed real-world incentive we offer in the respective pools. The way they work is that as soon as the person stakes their QUINT in any of the Quintessential Pools, a pool specific NFT will be airdropped to their wallet which will then be redeemable on our Reward Redemption Dashboard against pool rewards such as:

  • Complimentary Stay at Luxury Holiday destinations

  • Supercar experiences (Dubai and London to begin with)

  • Airline Tickets

  • Exclusives Gift Vouchers and much more

In addition, at the time of staking in any of the Quintessential Pools, a second NFT will be airdropped to the staker’s wallet which will act as a virtual key to unlock perks (many tie-ups in place with leading hospitality and realty development brands and many more partnerships underway) exclusive to the Super-stakers in the Quintessential Pools such as:

  • Exclusive deals across hundreds of Restaurants, Hotels and Spas

  • Jaw-dropping discounts on Properties

  • Complimentary membership of our Metaverse Arts Club

  • Access to limited edition Quint Merchandise at the Quint Shop

All our Super-staking pools will continue to evolve and fresh incentives and prizes will be brought to our holders on an ongoing basis. The NFTs acting as virtual keys for the rewards and perks can also be gifted by the staker to a third party for redemption with us.

Conventional Staking and Farming

This will be QUINT's general staking and farming platform where you can Stake your QUINT at lower transaction fees while enjoying the rewards in the form of a variety of tokens. You can re-harvest the rewarded tokens and stake them again with the click of a button through our on-site auto-compounding mechanism.

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