Promises are to be kept


The Quint Ecosystem is developed and backed by a passionate group of people who want to erect a legacy that will reflect their accomplishments in Life.

The Quint team is doxxed.


Security is our priority and no compromise has been done on that account. Team Quint would have completed all following security checks prior to the launch of its flagship token QUINT:

  1. Blockchain Protocol Audit

  2. BSC Smart Contract Audit

  3. Formal Verification

  4. Penetration Testing

  5. Internal and External Penetration Testing

  6. Vulnerability Assessment Services

Note: QUINT is currently being audited by Techrate and a second audit by Certik will also be completed before QUINT's launch.

Multi-sig Wallet

The below mentioned Owner Wallets are being held by the Managing Partner and the CTO of QUINT. The Multi-sig Wallet structure was put in place for security reasons and has been publicly announced here in the whitepaper to completely mitigate any centralization-related risks.

Wallet 1


Wallet 2



Token Locker

As the price has moved significantly we have unanimously agreed to lock these tokens and increase vesting periods for their release. Private investors have also agreed to a vested release of funds. We will be locking these tokens via DxLock using the following schedule.

Liquidity Locker

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